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About us

Check One Two was founded in 2012 by brothers, Simon and Andrew Salter, who were inspired to make a change after recognising that men are needlessly dying from one of the most preventable forms of cancer. 

If testicular cancer is caught early, it is over 95% curable. However, being blokes themselves, they understood the male attitude towards health and knew that we're all a little too laid back to keep a check on our love grenades…

So they started Feeling Nuts, a movement dedicated to changing the behavior of a generation of men, which would do so by reaching two goals:

1. Spread awareness far and wide of #feelingnuts in funny, ball grabbing and pant dropping ways

2. Educate men and the women in their lives about how to check their nuts for testicular cancer

That’s where you come in…by simply sharing and tagging your tweets, vine videos, instagram pics, facebook updates and youtube uploads with #Feelingnuts, not only will you be joining an incredible social movement, you'll be helping to spread our message to millions of people and getting everyone checking their knackers!

Best of all, you could become a top campaigner of #feelingnuts by spreading this life saving message and be part of loads of live moments as the movement grows!

So far #Feelingnuts has reached 157 countries and over 750 million views!

So are you #Feelinguts?


Use the 6 simple steps
for healthy testicles.

Click Here

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